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Arquitetura - As casas mais incríveis do mundo - Globo - DNUma casa em forma de crocodilo, desenhada pelo artista Moussa Kalo e construída em Abidjan, Costa do Marfim

Ivory Coast's capital, Abidjan, is the home of the crocodile-shaped house.

In this unique house, eye direction is used to grab a person's interest, where it be the onion dome or the stained glass. Its important for a designer to remember and use it to emphasis different aspects as well as their design as a whole.

Another unique home design, now Arquitecturaorganica came with shell shaped house. Nautilus House, Mexico City is an imposing building that can impress any

Terracota House - Colombia

Adobe/Clay Houses - Resilient Fireproof Unique and Attractive--lovely unusual shaping of the sloping roof and curving eaves.

Liu Lingchao, (Carrying his house), 2008–2103.

Liuzhou, China: A man carries his makeshift dwelling as he walks along a road. Five years ago, Liu Lingchao, decided to walk back to his hometown in Guangxi from Shenzhen. His portable room weighs which he carries on average 12 miles a day, Reuters

A performer poses in a crocheted shopping trolley, 2011

Crochet Olek: artist covers objects and people in wool

We’ve always thought that, confrontational side of guerilla art aside, that guerilla artists must have a soft side to them. We’ve featured Polish artist Agata Olek’s apartment.

Eliphante is a sculptural home in Cornville, Ariz., created over 28 years by artist Michael Kahn and his wife, Leda Livant, out of found materials.

Exploring Eliphante

The Eliphante Art House, in Cornville (AZ, USA). Artist Michael Kahn and his wife Leda Livant built it from found materials piece by piece. 20 Most Bizarre Houses around the world (strange houses, weird houses) - ODDEE

David Trautrimas/Oil Can Residence

Steampunk Meets Architecture: Habitat Machines & Factories by David Trautrimas

Sunset on Ko Lipe, a small island surrounded by the Andaman Sea and located near the Tarutao National Park in southwest Thailand.

The 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth

Sunset on Ko Lipe, a small island surrounded by the Andaman Sea and located near the Tarutao National Park in southwest Thailand. It's so Beautiful!

Maison rocher, Mexique.

Here, Venito Hernandez stands outside his sun-dried brick home. The house is in Mexico's Northern state of Coahuila, and is 131 feet in diameter with a huge boulder used as the roof.

Organic Architecture by Javier Senosiain.

Curious Places: Ballena Mexicana - The Mexican Whale House (Mexico) - love the mosaics and grillwork, even though it does look like a belly dance bra for the three breasted Martian woman.