From The Shadowhunter Chronicles to the Shadowhunters tvshow to the City of Bones movie. We love and support every version of Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane and Malec out there in the world.

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Matthew • Shadowhunters Cast

Matthew Daddario reading The Bane Chronicles. He's gotta learn about Magnus somehow! I wonder how he felt reading 'the course of true love (and first dates)' and 'what to buy the Shadow Hunter who has everything (and you're no officially dating)'

Cast in the car !!

Group selfie from abc Shadowhunters: Matthew Daddario, Katherine McNaramara, Emeraulde Toubia, Dominic Sherwood and Alberto Allende

How did Kat do it when she got Dom shirtless in front of her

Promotional photo from (episode season entitled “Raising Hell." Released online on (premiere day, yeah!