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Discover how to transform negative emotions to positive ones using the ancient Taoist practice of healing sounds.

One of my favorite healthy fats - the avocado!

One of my favorite healthy fats - the avocado!

Never share your creative works with anyone; you never know who might steal your next big idea. You can utilize copy protection software which can help you prevent incidents of intellectual property theft.

How to Prevent Theft of Intellectual Property

This article shared by author on behalf of Anlægsgartner Martin Knudsen ApS. They are known as Anlægsgartner Holbæk (landscaper / gardener Holbaek) & anlægsgartner Odsherred (landscaper / gardener Odsherred) in Denmark.

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Exercise is usually better for relieving sciatic pain than bed rest. You can rest for a day or two after their sciatic pain flares up, but after that time period, inactivity will usually make the pain worse. Try out these moves to get you back in action!

It's time to add these products to your home gym fitness routine.

30 Home Gym Must-Haves

30 Home Gym Must-Haves - The home gym can be a blessing for a busy people. There are no closing hours, no waiting to use equipment. The list of 30 amazing must-haves to add to your home gym today!

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Keeping mental health. People always talk about things to keep physically healthy, but not mentally healthy. So here are some tips to keep your mind happy

Brûler les graisses: Guide complet sur la façon de brûler les graisses de façon…

Melt Away All Your Unwanted Stubborn Body Fat in Just 14 Days. THE 2 WEEK DIET is a revolutionary new dietary system that not only guarantees to help you lose weight, it also promises to eliminate more body fat - faster than anything you’ve tried before.

tai chi... One of the five best exercises you can do

The Best Exercises – YouBeauty.com

Ancient tobacco treatment for foot fungus

Apparently, tobacco is good for something. An ancient treatment that can kill foot fungus was right under our noses. Foot fungus is unpleasant in many ways

Yoga for Migraines --these are doable. As opposed to head on the ground poses. Because that's really what I want to do during a migraine.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script

This Ancient Martial Art Can Fight Disease, Calm The Mind And Slow Aging-Tai Chi:

This Ancient Martial Art Can Fight Disease, Calm The Mind And Slow Aging

This Ancient Martial Art Can Fight Disease, Calm The Mind And Slow Aging-Tai Chi:

Peach nutrition benefits - Dr. Axe http://www.draxe.com #health #holistic #natural

Peach Nutrition Fights Gut Disorders, Heart Disease & Even Cancer

Peach nutrition benefits - Dr. Axe http://www.draxe.com #health #holistic #natural

Heal Adrenal Fatigue | Empowered Sustenance

Adrenal Fatigue Recovery: Diet, Lifestyle and Supplements

Learn the causes and symptoms of adrenal fatigue, then get the steps to adrenal fatigue recovery with these vital diet, lifestyle and supplement changes.

Total relaxation in yoga. Wearing: lululemon crops, Ann Taylor tank, Rag & bone sweater (same style, different color). Using Manduka...

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is extremely helpful in calming the mind and spirit. Great for PTSD, anxiety, stress etc but for myself i am using Nidra Yoga to restore adrenal stress along with an assortment of herbs etc.

Do not be lonely, the entire Universe is inside of you~ Rumi  #rumiquotes #quotesaboutuniverse #letgoofloneliness #loneliness www.relationshipsreality.com

Breathe in experience. Breathe out poetry. Prana = Breath = Spirit Energy Every breath taken, whether we realize it or not, creates our Universe. ॐ Om Shanti Om ॐ Waheguru ॐ