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This is beautiful!!

Funny pictures about And People Say Animals Are Dumb. Oh, and cool pics about And People Say Animals Are Dumb. Also, And People Say Animals Are Dumb photos.

Children's relationships with animals and with each other are free of many of the misconceptions and unfounded fears that can infect our minds later in life. It is this innocence that Elena Karneeva, a professional child and family photographer based in Moscow, captures in her beautiful photos of children and animals.

Children And Animals Cuddle In Adorable Photoshoots By Elena Karneeva

The relationship is of children and animals filled with innocence and unconditional love is reflected beautifully in one of the most adorable photoshoots of children and animals cuddling by Russian photographer Elena Karneeva


Bonobo monkeys - playing airplane I guess all of God's children like to play airplane!

5 Reasons Why YOU need a Goat #homesteading #animals

5 Reasons Why YOU need a Goat

5 Reasons Why You Need A Goat - It's true! Everyone needs a goat. Don't let all the naysaying stop you. You NEED a goat!