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Haha how cute!

Cute Kitty Pile-up.

Why Cats Are Awesome! #humor #lol #funny

Why cats are awesome ! Why cats are awesome! Except dogs actually love you instead of being a cold prick who ignores you until it suits them. And dogs don't bark if you know how to train them, it's those G cats are sexy

What an older cat really thinks of the kitten. Not a fan of Friskies because it's crap in a can, but the video is well done.

This Video Of A Cat Welcoming A New Kitten Into The Home Is Absolutely Adorable [PARTNER]

'Dear Kitten', A Cute Friskies Ad Narrated by Ze Frank About an Adult Cat Welcoming a New Kitten to His Home

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Stay pawsitive no worries

Mini Comics :: Cat Bread | Tapastic Comics

My bread cat.

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Cat etiquette portrayed by Pusheen. So so accurate

I’m a big time cat lover❣️

Mews: Why Cats Rule - Katzenworld

Black cats bring luck in many other places, while in US it 's all about bad luck. My black cat is lucky for me!

Black cats have a much harder time being adopted from shelters, and therefore are euthanized at a much higher rate. Please consider adopting an all-black cat for your fur-ever friend! I love my black fur baby!

#Gatti che non amano le porte chiuse: succede anche a voi?

This is why I leave my bathroom door open.

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I love cats and I want a cat that can be a cat, ya'know. Just a cat that be all like a cat. And then I want three more cats so then I can have four cats that say meow.

Are you guilty of this? I know I am !!

Chocolate Color Cutie - 18th November 2016

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My cat

This is my cats and my kids! I need a kid hand under the door, a second cat pushing its head in and another kid telling me ever lil detail from the outside. That would be my bathroom experiences, till they all get in, then I'm just royally *f*!

The Norwegian Forest Cat - "Weegies" - Not to be confused by the Mancoon.

15 (Very!) Large Cats That Do Not Doubt How Cool They Are

Ulric: A Norwegian Forest Cat (UK) it looks like its color is orange & white. From 10 of the world's largest pets. Ha ha I want this big cat.

Cattitude Chart - they all have it!

Read your cats cattitude! Learn to read your cat's body language! For more on cat body language, click the image!

Quotes about Cats - All I Need is Love... and a Cat (or Two or Five) http://www.traveling-cats.com

Quotes about Cats - All I Need is Love. and a Cat (or Two or five) I have