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“mickey mouse for a first birthday party #mickeymousecupcakes”

Ani DiFranco is definately one of my favorite artists.

Although I am not usually a huge fan of armour covering most of the body I think it works quite well on this picture, I especially like the mask that this man is wearing. I could implement any type of mask to my own boss which would hopefully look threatening.

I'm the QUEEN! You will never be anything more than the dirty little home…

I always support people. Always. A lot of people who call me "friends" don't even own a bottle of Queens wash, lol. Strangers supported me before a lot of "friends". Always support your friends and family (and random people with good energy) from the beginning. Don't wait until they become popular to support. Be genuine... + to all my people grinding, be your own support system. Don't wait for someone to give you validation. You'll be waiting forever. Take initiative and believe in yourself. #world_of_warcraft_pins #world_of_warcraft CLICK HERE AND DOWNLOAD THE BEST WOW ADDON EVER