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•Curiosity Killed The Cat•

A smile as sharp as a knife.

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The doctor prescribed more juices but her extra ass drinks it like this.

"Nothing endures but change"

"Suddenly, thunder cut through the afternoon glee, and as everyone ran for cover, I knew getting to him was my top priority.



Luxe Pauvre

"Relax sister, I'm a master of espionage" -Chloe

If she drinks bourbon, keep her

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Bits, Pieces & Slices of Life

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columbointeriors: “ Red Wine: Any Old Port in a Storm, 1973 ”


- stream 12 badass playlists tagged with femme fatale and sexy.

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“starlit ichor bleeds to moondust, igniting the obsidian sky with her sanguine: her life’s blood. she finds comfort in the solace of darkness, she treads with regal beauty.

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“You will hear thunder and remember me, and think: she wanted storms.” — Anna Akhmatova, You Will Heart Thunder

prettygirlsandbourbon:  “theblogosfear:  “ daughters of darkness / les lèvres rouges, 1971, harry kümel  ”  Pretty Girls & Bourbon  ”

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√ ̅  as my writing career progresses, many of the stories that i thought i was gonna pursue have gradually disbanded. whereas atlas was gonna be a supporting character in a fantasy/mystery/romance story, i have come to favor a more edgy shenanigans comedy drama starring her & my homeboy darcy (who also has a board on here). think of it like... walter white & jesse pinkman, but less meth & more 16 y/o brat pairs up with 26 y/o detective on some weird twilight zone adventures lol √ ̅

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we were a bunch of troubled kids, looking for what real life tastes like.