Hey Reid, Morgan, and Garcia - lets take the jet for the weekend - Love The BAU

Wheels up in 30 - Hotch, Criminal Minds

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criminal minds Penelope Garcia - needs her own freakin' show!

Penelope Garcia my baby why is she so beautiful?

Today I feel like a computer genius - Penelope Garcia

Hotch and Jack! Which pic from this collage is your favorite?

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criminal minds number 4 in my top 5 is one of my longtime favourites. It keeps you thinking and has many interesting endings. However, if they ever get rid of Reed or Babygirl the show will fall out of my top

The team, led by Hotch, has to think like a criminal in order to catch them. Here, Hotch reviews a case file.

by Sandra Gonzalez Huge treat for Criminal Minds fans: EW has learned star Thomas Gibson will soon be stepping behind the camera for .