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K Flax Smoothie Today i created a kale flax smoothie for breakfast smile emoticon Flax is a great source of fiber; each tablespoon contains 8 grams of fiber. It’s a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, it's anti-inflammatory and it’s high in lignans. Lignans are known to reduce breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. If you are a new user to flax start slow and build up to avoid bloating, and don’t forget to grind it.

RawganicVegan - Energy Smoothie: Flax is an amazing source of Omega-3s, and has been shown to help reduce risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer. It is best to buy whole flax seeds, store them in the freezer for freshness, and grind them as you need them. Don't use them whole or they will not provide the same health benefits, because the body can't easily break down the outside covering of the seeds. Pure cold pressed flax oil is great alternative.

Green endless summer smoothie. This was my breakfast for today can't get enough of it! Try it and let me know what you think, have a lovely healthy day. (Serves 2) Ingredients: 2 cups spinach, 1 cup mango, 1 cup pineapple, 2 bananas, 1cup water (optional) for instructions and tips for this recipe visit my facebook page

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Community Post: 30+ Health Boosting Green Smoothie Recipes

30+ Health Boosting Green Smoothie Recipes

"A great way to start my day ☀️ The big red juice is a blood and liver cleanser, it's food for a glowing skin, it reduces inflammation and helps digestion and it tastes awesome. juicing tip: always drink your juices fresh, they start to loose nutritional value overtime because they have no preservatives ❤️❤️❤️

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Super DETOX Green Cleansing Smoothie

Super DETOX Green Cleansing Smoothie- my skin has never looked so good since I started drinking this! Dark spots that I've had for months that have refused to heal have just vanished! Why didn't I start this sooner?

Wake up and smell the kiwi ☀️ This goodness is packed with love happiness and sunshine ❤️☀️ Kiwis are great food for the skin they are a good source of Vit E and C, they are anti-clotting and known to reduce triglyceride. This super fruit is very low in calories it has a glycemic load of 4 and it's very safe for diabetics. Recipe on my facebook page

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25 Skinny Summer Snacks Your Afternoon Slump Needs

Ginger Pineapple Cilantro shake (sounds like an odd combo, but super yummy). It is a great anti-inflammatory drink and helps with digestion via Elana Amsterdam

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Top 3 Benefits Of Juicing Kale

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