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Kinder Supresa

This totally reminded me of Huizinga and her awesome Canadian chocolates :)

Yuck!! My mother always forced us into these with our matching Easter dress and on the first day of school.

Lace Trimmed Ankle Socks (always wore these things as a child, especially on church day with my white patent leather shoes) 😂😂😂😂

Favorite souvenirs from the Smoky Mountains were the Indian things from Cherokee< NC

Vintage Kids Toy Indian Drum From the I had one very similar to this. Boy, I have not thought about that drum in years. Not going to say how many LOL

La chaise pliante de camping que nos parents nous ont offert pour Pâques

Oh die staat hier nog te blinken bij ons ! Nu is hij van ons Paulien ;

French Braid.  I  used to have Mom do this for me all the time!

I used to have Mom do this for me all the time!

1970S Vintage Toys And Games | Vintage Boggle Parker word game, 19 77, 1970s, 70s, word game, very ...

Vintage Boggle Parker - I was never enamoured of this one but remember it visually very well

90's Fads: Blow Up Furniture | I was a 90's kid

Ridiculously uncomfortable blow-up furniture: 50 things you will remember from childhood! And yes I did have the ridiculously uncomfortable blow up furniture!