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The best of cafuçus: De olho na mala - garoto da favela - tesão de negã...

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Caminho mágico.

The enormous set for the Chamber of Secrets was 250 by 120 feet, even larger than the Great Hall set. Since Leavesden Studio’s tallest stage was only 28 feet high, production designer Stuart Craig had to create the illusion of depth by “building down.” The idea was that the Chamber was hundreds of feet tall but was flooded, revealing only the top of the Salazar Slytherin statue. In reality the water was only a foot deep and was dyed black to give it a sense of depth. #HarryPotter

Il mio prossimo studioJane Cumberbatch

♣Love is like a candlelight, ♣Glowing in the dark ♣The warmness kindles ♣From a tiny spark. ♣The light is soft at first, ♣Then, it grows bright, ♣For some, it grows over time, ♣For some, it's love at first sight. ♣If not taken care of, ♣The flame will slowly die ♣And when it's gone, it leaves you ♣Sitting there, wondering, why? =♣= by Shannon Albo.

Clever #water faucet #nightlight. Turning the valve actually turns on the 1/4 watt LED bulb in the hanging drop of "water"