Someone may decide on these tattoo designs to represent their struggles previously and the way they overcame them. Sleeve tattoos are a few of the ver.

Rose shoulder tattoo #roseshouldertattoos

Rose shoulder tattoo #roseshouldertattoos

My next tattoo location, but adding a sugar skull :) Malia loves tattoos

Simple and cute thigh tattoo. love the roses. i'd put this up higher tho so its more of a hip piece that flows onto the upper thigh.

red rose tattoo by Tiffany Garcia

Rose Shoulder Tattoo by Tiffany Garcia. I would love to have red roses as beautiful as this one both of my shoulders :)

More than half the people who are tattooed in the US carry the XX chromosome. As more and more women get tattooed, designs have turned from the bold and masculine to more elegant imagery.

My job was to fill the free spaces of an arm Flowers Composition Sleeve tattoo