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Why is zico making that face xD

Block B Zico to release MV for "Yes or No" - Music

Zico looks like an old granny that's trying to be cool again omg I can't xD

Zico looks like a dyke granny that's tryna be cool again I can't xD

FY Zico

FY Zico

Risultati immagini per zico taeil

Risultati immagini per zico taeil

zico woo jiho 우지호 지코 blockb 블락비

Block b zico

지코사진 : 네이버 카페

지코사진 : 네이버 카페

Minsu © my boyfriend minsu. do not edit.

“ © my boyfriend minsu. do not edit.

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Kyungie~ and Zico

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