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#Pink capsules. Hmu Kik... Id... Kims001 text/call +1 304 249 8561 email....

pink pills please.

open up your life to more magic!

This is seriously crazy! BULK 100 Assorted Glitter Pills by GlitterPills on Etsy

design, still life, toy dinosaurs, lipstick

Six & Five is a contemporary art studio exploring the frontier zone between art and design based in Buenos Aires. The Six & Five Studio created art collection for famous fashion magazine Catalogue. The topic was Teens and this is how they see them.

Violet Tinder Studios for Sephora

Violet Tinder Studios x Sephora

Create a Glamours Golden Valentine with gold glitter pills and a free printable.

These beauty elixirs, powders and pills promise longer hair, stronger nails and glowier skin

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LBW loves all things covered in glitter and sequins!

14900556_1414926335203002_8650857063210119344_n.jpg (621×960)

14900556_1414926335203002_8650857063210119344_n.jpg (621×960)

✖✖✖ Photos by Valerie Phillips and Arvida Byström ✖✖✖

pharmaceutical industry... The new "Menguele's" world...

He didn't want to hurt her anymore. She deserved better so he took the pills that would make him numb.

this genuinely makes me wish i smoked, color is ridiculous // Art Direction : Pastel Cigarett

glitter pills

glitter pills, my drug of choice

pastillas de colores, más imágenes para las #farmacias

An Idea: glitter pills

I've got a lovely bunch of pineapples.

Lovely bunch of pastel pineapples.

Disco Essentials / Violet Tinder Studios

Disco Essentials / Violet Tinder Studios

Mind Over Matter