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One Direction for British GQ | Behind the Scenes Exclusive

One Direction Exclusive Photo Shoot for British GQ (lista de reproducción)

Hnnnnngh. Hnnnnnnnnnnngh. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH. (That is the sound of my very labored and very raspy breathing.) -H

new teen vogue photoshoot

I am their Diana

These superhero edits kill me.

Liam, Zayn, and Harry interviewed by Grimmy! He's such a good interviewer. I also think that all of them showed more spunk and happiness and a more fun side than we've seen in a very long time. I'm glad that they're finally getting some rest.  -E

One Direction chat to Grimmy about erect hair, wombs and much more! Favorite interview lately haha

hotter every year,didnt think that was even possible.♥  loveonedirection♥

flashback over the years.I didn't mentally prepare myself for this!

One Direction

Such a great band! Wonderful boys and musicians.

5/5 Neck veins<< Dang!!!! << Holy…<<< *simon voice* it's gonna have to be a no from me

Those damn neck vains

things get emotional... >> like when I found out about Zerrie, I couldn't DO ANYTHING because I was in so much shock

Seriously my reaction to the whole payzer and elounor break ups

Guys, the album was amazing. My favorite song has to be What a Feeling because it sounds all dreamy and the melody made me fall in love.

Guys, the album was amazing. One of my favorite songs has to be What a Feeling because it sounds all dreamy and the melody made me fall in love.

Please? Thank you... *scoots chair back and slowly walks out the door.*

*scoots chair back and slowly walks out the door.

I mean there are ships for two of them lie Ziam ziall niam etc etc now three of them are together so what should we call this zialm

one direction funny you go daddy Liam!

Fotos: Google+

Look at our beautiful boys :') Platinum baby :')

Aww all i cant choose all of their faces in the pictures are so cute what do u think comment :)

One direction you Skype him. I want this to happen SOOOOO bad! Zayn is shirtless!

The video diaries!!!

The video diaries!

One Direction <3

Why would any magazine photoshop the boys! Liam looks like a weird egg head thing, and look at Zayns chin!

asdfghjkl;<3 ooooooh harry styles<3 how i love you so much

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