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hurry scurry chrono by Laumann

Heyaahh, I completely forgot about this one. (It's an older piece now. and you know what happens to older pieces over time .

Chrono Trigger-Crono Versus the Dragon  tutorial by HeavyMetalHanzo.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Chrono Trigger-Crono Versus the Dragon tutorial by HeavyMetalHanzo

Chrono Trigger by AbyssWolf

Chrono Trigger by AbyssWolf

I always named my robot Trash. They trashed Trash!" Purple guy is the ever awesome Magus, Ze frog is Glenn who was turned into a frog by Magus. Chrono himself.

Man... and I thought I loved their DBZ style concept art. This looks so much cooler.

Chrono Trigger Art I don't picture Ayla THAT manly but it's all about cannon I suppose

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Chrono Trigger art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

Chrono Trigger - Schala and Magus by BCValdez on deviantART  This took my breath away. So lovely.

Was able to snap a few pictures at the first annual Anime Odyssey convention here in San Antonio. Ran into two cosplayers with some really good Chrono T. Chrono Trigger - Schala and Magus