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The Korean Barber - On the scene… Pitti Uomo 89 © thekoreanbarber.com

Make a statement with a bright color and design with a dark, classic suit


Caramel Colored Summer Suit + Bengal Striped Shirt in Pink and White (spotted at Pitti Uomo

Loja de Gravatas - Sua melhor escolha!  Confira (check it): https://www.lojadegravatas.com.br/

normally I wouldn't go with a tie bar AND a pocket square, but the slant of the tie bar kind of makes it ok.

Never Enough Blue Suit !

Why are italian men( and French also) so elegant and charming? because they have the "know how" to dress acording to the occasion!

1000yardstyle: “London…..summer suited ”

1000yardstyle: “London…..summer suited ”

mid age coolness . . .

Pay attention older men! Older men are sexy, dress like it and keep in shape.

Lookbook Autumne/Winter 2016 | Gabucci.se

An elegant man

1000yardstyle: “Milan ”

Dark grey suit, light blue shirt with white dress stripes, orange tie

Stanley Tucci Source: The Rake Magazine Photography by Tomo Brejc source More menswear & suits!

Style II Gentleman’s Essentials

menstyleworld: “Men’s Bracelets - 10% OFF with code TUMBLR10 ”

menstyleworld: “Men’s Bracelets - OFF with code ”

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SprezzaRiaz - parisiangentleman: A New Era of Overcoats

Den Look kaufen:  https://lookastic.de/herrenmode/wie-kombinieren/zweireiher-sakko-langarmhemd-jeans-slipper-mit-quasten-einstecktuch/3847  — Weißes Langarmhemd  — Weißes Einstecktuch  — Dunkelblaues Zweireiher Sakko  — Blaue Jeans  — Schwarze Leder Slipper mit Quasten

Dunkelblaues Zweireiher Sakko, Weißes Langarmhemd, Blaue Jeans, Schwarze Leder Slipper mit Quasten für Herren

Men's White Longsleeve Shirt, White Pocket Square, Navy Double Breasted Blazer, Blue Jeans, and Black Leather Tassel Loafers

Jason, you  are so cool,,,,,,,,,

Jason Statham - love that!

The apple does not fall far from the tree

I hope my son and I will look this good when he's all grown up. Love the natural unstructured double breasted blazer, seems a smidge short to me. Makes a huge difference versus boring black.

Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini

Yesterday I had to document this interview with Aaron Borril from GQ magazine and Stephan Winkelmann, the boss of Lamborghini.

Jungle Book actors with their CG animals

Jungle Book actors with their CG animals

Jungle Book actors with their CG animals. Didn't give the movie a second thought till I saw this.