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Dahlia by Frank Larkin

Dahlia - Pink Greeting Card for Sale by Frank Larkin

One more gorgeous Dahlia... I think she almost has me convinced we should have a variety of them.

One more gorgeous Dahlia. I think she almost has me convinced we should have a variety of them.

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NEW: Fashion Monger Dahlia A charming collarette type dahlia with unusual rose-pink petals and an ivory- white collar. Blooms non-stop from July until frost.

Yellow flowers commonly evoke feelings of happiness and cheer, which is exactly what they symbolize.

All About Yellow Flowers For Your Garden & Put A Smile On Your Face!

~~Lady Darlene Dahlia Dinnerplate form that is a great ball of fire in the garden, this dahlia has rich yellow-gold petals with red tips and perfect flower form. A magnificent color combination Fiesta Bulbs~~

KAISER WILHELM, 1881.  As seen full-page in Horticulture! This rare souvenir from a lost age is the most antique-looking of all of our dahlias. With neatly curled petals of custard yellow brushed with burgundy, and a green button-eye like an old-fashioned rose, it’s a true Victorian “fancy” dahlia — and one of a mere handful of dahlias that survive from the 10,000 grown in the 19th century.

Love this Dahlia - Called the Kaiser Wilhelm - It's a Victorian "fancy" and one of only a handful of varieties to survive from those grown in the centry.

Neon dahlia close-up

The Dahlia you brought to our isle Your praises forever shall speak 'Mid gardens as sweet as your smile And colour as bright as your cheek.


~~Dahlias 'Jumbo' Mixed - Magnificent collection of medium-high dahlias with white and/or lilac blooms.The 'Jumbo Mix' flowers are real eye catchers in the border. They combine beautifully with gladioli and of course with other varieties of dahlias