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An airgunner stands before his B24 bomber wearing what it took to survive at 25,000ft over Germany in 1943-45
World War II poster
German troops wearing gas masks and throwing hand grenades, 23 Apr 1916. || The Most Powerful Images Of World War I
St. Paul's Cathedral, London. Look what restoration had to be done after the war. A million homes were destroyed just in London.
"Flag raising on Iwo Jima." Joe Rosenthal, Associated Press, February 23, 1945. 80-G-413988. (ww2_156.jpg)

World War II Movie Marathon in Chronological Order of the Real Events.

A women of the resistance movement, who is a member of a patrol to rout out the Germans snipers still left in areas in Paris, France, on August 29, 1944 ~
Portraits Of Ellis Island Immigrants In Color (Circa 1910), bringing their culture with them. - Album on Imgur