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Sherri Stoner, live action reference for Ariel. She came in twice a week for two years to help Disney construct the Mermaid. She was also responsible for the creation of The Animaniacs and has worked extensively in animation.

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Sven & Christoph

Baby Kristoff and Sven - they're so adorable! I want a baby reindeer so bad now!

La Bella Addormentata (Want more pins like this? Follow me! ▶︎ @allegromaestoso)

I love Aurora! She is my favorite disney princess! So is Belle! My favorite disney character is Alice. They are all equally amazing, smart, pretty, and kind!

Disney Challenge Day 22: Bravest Princess - Mulan. Oh yes. Took her father's place in the war and saved her country. I'm sorry, how awesome is she?!

Disney princesses drop gems of wisdom left and right. Yes, they are often entangled with some prince or another, but above everything, they are fierce women

A Fab Show!!!

I love the music in Wicked - I hope to witness it on Broadway someday!

Angela Vianello, so talented... even tho I don't like wendy, I still love this piece so much I had to add it

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Day Your Favorite Heroine Definitely Mulan. She is my favorite Disney character of all time!