Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki

[Gifs] Jared and Jensen and their craziness.Jared jumps up and down all excited. Jensen calls his wife, then Jared's like "oh ya, I have a wife.

[GIFSET] Dean never quite got a handle on Bela :) 3x03 Bad Day At Bad Rock

[GIFSET] Dean never quite got a handle on Bela :) Bad Day At Bad Rock. I love how offended Sam looks

Dean does not want to study 9x06 "Heaven Can't Wait" #Supernatural

We just, let the war rage on upstairs?" "I feel like life was so much easier before all this angel crap." "You mean the apocalypse? We can even throw in a couple wendigos for old time sake.

Drunk demon dean

Deanmon, You're the right kind of sinner to release my inner fantasy! God the Supernatural music guys know what the fuck they're doing.


Demon Dean and scared Cas << even more a possibility after season

[gifset] Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Dean and Sam Winchester // OMG his faces i'm dying, haha!