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Rupert Grint and Emma Watson behind the scenes of Harry Potter…adorable, they are.

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harry potter behind the scenes

"Super random behind the scenes photo of Deathly Hallows....Emma is hugging Rupert, and he’s like aaah she’s touching me."

Super random behind the scenes photo of Deathly Hallows.Emma is hugging Rupert, and he’s like ack she’s touching me.

Harry Potter. Everyone laughs, but only Dudley truly knows the damage that little stick can cause...

another baby shower idea.

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger - Harry Potter

harry potter, emma watson and hermione granger image on We Heart It

Severus did terrible things...but GAH! When you see how much he sacrificed and how very, very hard he tried, I think it more than makes up for his misdeeds.

Because under all that cynicism and hatred, Snape still tries to do the right thing.

Ron and Hermione

Harry Potter fans Sp on

And finally Ron and Hermione kiss!


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hermione and ron

Ron and Hermione throwing stones. so sweet! It was a chance for them to realise that they love each other

Love this picture! <3 Harry, Ginny, George!

George totally stole the show in this scene. Which says a lot about movie Harry and Ginny.

getting hosed down, behind the scenes at DH2

Behind the scene- hp and the deathly hallows part 2

my favorite gingers.

Awww, it's rose and her mum

Rose and Hermione, DH epilogue Years Later" This part always makes me cry!

Rupert & Emma

Rupert & Emma

(harry potter,ending screencaps)

Final scenes from each movie

hermione granger - harry potter

hermione granger - harry potter