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That's a good thing we are super strong


Apparently my heart is an idiot.

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Life can't be that bad, so find a reason to smile everyday and if this post made you smile then see? you can always find a reason to smile :)

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when they do they shouldn't ever let go of each other, that would be a tragic.

Thank goodness I found him♡

Love quote I love you

I am lucky to have a man who proves it

It's more than a piece of my heart, it's the whole thing. Just the thought of you or your presence makes my heart smile.

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Love puts …

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gotta remember this

.everything will be okay in the end. there's always going to be a reason for you to *keep going*

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So it turns out that my crush liked me for two months and when I liked my old crush, I was obsessing over him and I was talking to him about it since he's my best friend too and even though he liked me, he was still trying to get my old crush to like me. When I asked him now why he did this, he was just like, I wanted you to be happy so he basically sacrificed his feelings for me! I love him so much!

So it turns out my crush used to like me when I liked someone else earlier this year, and then he started liking someone else and I started liking him.

mooie teksten

You are not designed for everyone to like you. People who are meant for you accept you the way you are.

Oh I love your smart intelligent vocabulary

Dont underestimate the seductive power of a decent vocabulary quotes


The heart wants what it wants. If you asked me if I still loved you, the answer would be yes, in my heart.

Right on point, focus on the positive. Negative people don't deserve a second thought.

What you focus on is what your trip. You can't focus on negativity and it's been a positive life. Live above small minded people love drama!