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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #20

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth (Godzilla - Rulers Of Earth Graphic Novel): It's Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla for the ultimate rematch. The Cryog invasion reaches its zenith as new monsters attack across the globe! What unexpected character will Lucy meet?

King Ghidorah: Godzilla's arch-enemey

King Ghidorah: Godzilla's arch-enemy and my favorite besides Godzilla

The Alpha Predator by TheDragonofDoom

I know, I know, I'm late on the Godzilla fanart bandwagon! I actually started this back when I saw the new Godzilla film opening weekend, but this annoy. The Alpha Predator

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth - Matt Frank, Colors - Josh Perez

Godzilla Rulers of Earth #16 cover by KaijuSamurai on DeviantArt

Here are the complete IDW Publishing solicitations for the month of September

ARTIST: Matt Frank (US) | via: #Yellowmenace    ▶ More #Godzilla Art: http://blog.yellowmenace.net/2016/08/art-godzilla-tribute-art.html   | #ゴジラ #Gojira #Kaiju   #geek #comicbook #drawing

Made for the release of PROJECT NEMESIS form American Gothic Press! Get yours at Double Midnight and Jetpack Comics on October in New Hampshi.

Godzilla Neo King Kong | Godzilla Neo parte 1

Godzilla Neo parte 1

Green Gargantua GAIRA HEIGHT: 25 meters MASS: tons BIO: Ozaki sat on the strange-looking bed, shifting his feet, a bored yet oddly nervous look on.

Matt Frank's Godzilla Battle Royal poster that debuted at G-fest XXI

For Collosal Kaiju Combat! Never thought I'd get a request from one of the creators of the monsters! 's inimitable (and ridiculously hard to draw, color and shade due to the Aztec parts especially .

Cover for Dark Horse Classics: Terror of Godzilla (Dark Horse, 1998 series) #3

Cover for Dark Horse Classics: Terror of Godzilla (Dark Horse, 1998 series)