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Photo by Andrew Zuckerman.

Discoveries Part 4 - Andrew Zuckermans Bird Book website shows that it is not just about content but also how your content is displayed.



Awesome animal portraits by Andrew Zuckerman.

The Animal Kingdom in Ultra-Hi-Res: Creature by Andrew Zuckerman

鸟类系列 - 可爱美丽的鹦鹉

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Sacred Spaces | Audubon : Christopher Marley casts parrots, parakeets, and cockatoos—given to him by his father, a bird breeder, after they died of natural causes—with their tails and wings fanning out and their heads hung out of view. It’s all part of a marvelous display, one that silences any notion that the natural vessel is worthless after death. Image : Blue-and-gold Macae; Bolivia.

Preserved natural death Blue Gold Macaw at Gold Bug in Pasadena, California made by designer Christopher Marley.

Photography by Andrew Zuckerman

Turning his camera to the world of birds, Andrew Zuckerman has a created a new body of work showcasing more than 200 stunning photographs of nearly 75 different species.

Menagerie: Sharon Montrose's Evocative, Minimalist Portraits of Animals | Brain Pickings

Menagerie: Sharon Montrose’s Evocative Portraits of Animals

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