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A great piece of clean dungeon design from the Cartographers' Guild

19th Level: RPG Review: Dwellers of the Forbidden City

Earlier I examined some of TSR's earlier adventures which features what were essentially miniature campaign settings.

A Rust Monster Ate My Sword...

Our week-long journey down One-page Dungeon Lane concludes today with this: my entry into the " One Page Dungeon Contest .

[Map] The Temple of Iron

The Temple of Iron - The Temple of Iron is a three-level map with one ground level and two underground levels.

kenthedm-inspiration:  “Deep Purple Dungeon by Luka Rejec.  This is totally getting used in a campaign.  ”

What would you get if you had a fantasy dungeon excavated inside a petrified purple worm rampant?

pellinore3.png 305×853 pixels

Magic-User school, Imagine magazine (Sept Pelinore campaign world

"A Stolen Song", by P. Aaron Potter, 1st place winner, 2015 One Page Dungeon contest organized by Random Wizard. See the PDF Files link at the top of http://www.onepagedungeon.info/2015/

P Aaron Potter: A Stolen Song Really cool looking map/story One page!

Remote Tower & Dungeon [map]

The idea behind this dungeon is pretty simple. It's remote, it's a tower, and it's got a dungeon.

michael prescott the lantern of wyv

This month's adventure is also my entry to the One-Page Dungeon Contest , one of the things that got this whole ball of wax rolling in the f.