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Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue in Littleton was raided by CPW, which then killed hundreds of rescued wild animals! Demand action! (20992 signatures on petition)

Children Beat Dog to Death While Others Walk by and Do Nothing The passers by in this photo unconcernedly watch the scene of cruelty while the kids beat the poor dog to death. They do not seem to be willing to prevent the sadistic act; after all, the dog is “nejis/ najes”, impure in Islam, let it be!

Can you believe that the UK still has circuses that force lions, tigers, raccoons and other animals to perform stupid tricks?

Canada's Troubled Marineland Is Facing Animal Cruelty Charges | Care2 Causes

Take action Please email Commissioner Hogan today and demand an end to live exports from the EU.

Please join PETA today in urging fair organizers to remove animal exploitation and public endangerment from the lineup!

El nuevo presidente de Costa Rica firmó, recientemente, un acuerdo para exportar más de una tonelada métrica de aletas de tiburón a Hong Kong. Por favor firme esta petición para pedir al gobierno de Costa Rica a nivel internacional para detener el comercio de tiburones martillo, cuya sobrepesca lleva a la especie al riesgo de extinción.

They killed an average of 226 animals each day last year, 23% more than last year. Demand they pursue alternative research methods (54114 signatures on petition)

Baby elephants are stolen from their mothers, tied to trees, stuffed in cages that are too small, and beaten by barbaric trainers who enslave the animals for profit. Demand this outdated and vicious practice be outlawed at once.