if Sirius & Remus raised Harry xD

I love these AU's where Remus and Sirius raise Harry.Remus raises Harry AND Sirius. Harry introducing them to Ron and Hermione.your dads?" "Nah, they're like my uncles.


And people wonder why I don't like any of the Marauders. That scene was really funny (mostly because they got Alan Rickman in that getup & he looked FABULOUS), but it also always made me angry on Snape's behalf.

...I can't believe a tumblr user named TINYMALFOY was the one who came up with this...

Can I have a fanfic of Harry raised by McGonagall please? I always thought she or Hagrid should have raised Harry!

"I'm OBNOXIOUS!" I love this so much. When the marauders find out Remus lupin is a werewolf

"I'm OBNOXIOUS! When the marauders find out Remus lupin is a werewolf>>>> this is a Finding Nemo reference, bless


Remus being personally victimised by James & Sirius' puns>>>>Haha! I'm pretty sure they say something like this in Young Frankenstein

au where hogwarts offers normal muggle subjects as electives or weekend or night classes if you want to work outside the wizard world


Resemblances between Lupin and a grandma. The part about Little Red Riding Hood, hahahaha! <<<I think this was slightly intentional

This is funny, but I always got the implication from the books that there had been people trying out for Seeker, but none of them had been very good. So McGonagall stepped in because she loves her House team.

Love the marauders

I always used to say "I'm aware" when my friends would state something. My best friend would always laugh. It didn't help that she's basically Sirius as I am practically Remus (minus the WolfStar).