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Weeping b/c ZIam. Im even listening to their part in Little Things right now!

Crying because Ziam.but really zayn has such a big heart and cares about everything and anything.y would u hate the small light in big dark room.y try to smudge it out .please do explain



if you say that you don't sing the last line with all you have, you're lying

Literally the best part of the song. This is literally me. I applaud this person

lol...what? I didn't know Harry was Mary Poppins. :)

Harry's that kid we all have in our class at one point or another.

Zayn asking for a pencil

Um, no. This is how it would go: "Hey Zayn can I borrow a pencil?" "You didn't buy the Little Mix album.

See, Niall would have made a face, Harry would have helped her, Liam would have fussed over her, and Louis would have been like GURLLLLLL

I watch the video sooo many times! After she falls he just dropped her hand and look at the girl next to her like-'Did you see that!

I was thinking this in the shower today!!! I can't flacking hendall this give me my inhaylor

I was thinking this in the shower today! I can't flacking hendall this give me my inhaylor< I'm not one to send hate but I just thought this was funny sorry