Les 2 filles achètent Liverpool FC et deviennent coach du Canadien

Fun times

wooly-wagons-tiny-houses - example of a vardo (also waggon, living wagon, van, and caravan) is a traditional horse-drawn wagon used by British Romani people as their home.

Mas de la Fouque, Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

"'Roulotte' is the French word for caravan. In my mind Roulottes are a bit like a mix between a Vardo and a Bauwagen. They have the Bauwagen shape but with more decorative exteriors like Vardos.

Gypsy Caravan by seaker123, via Flickr

lori-rocks: Gypsy Caravan (by This gives me pause.memories, sadness, fear, hope, even love.

Building a Gypsy Wagon, Mel & Company

Building a Gypsy Wagon, Mel & Company Bill, I'm thinking we should put a circular window in the door.