René Aigner's Sketchbook via head - faceted - constructive drawing - volumes

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René Aigner's Sketchbook via head - constructive drawing - faceted - volumes

A study of the Asaro head. The top left panel has been made overly complex and diagrammatic. Why not just begin with observing and describing the inner edge/corner relationship with the silhouette?

luz+e+sombra+rosto.jpg 1 173×1 600 pixelů

An sculptural interpretation of the planar head affected by various directions of light. Note how the light effect directly correlate with the planes of the sculpture. Drawing a cube is like drawing a head.

Facial construction

Asaro& Planes of the Head Medium : Digital Painting Software : Gimp This is a reference sheet I& painted for myself from photos of the Asaro Head (a sculpture representing the primary and se.

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Head Drawing Tutorial (Based on Steve Houston’s Method) Top Image Row 4 & 8 Row 7

Planos del rostro

Planos del rostro