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New Shop Products from Song of the Sea

Tomm Moore, et al. Song of the Sea Artbook. Kilkenny, Ireland: Cartoon Saloon, x over 1000 color illustrations, pictorial boards.

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CATSUKA :: News :: - The Song of the Sea - Trailer French (the new Tomm Moore / Cartoon Saloon, in theaters Dec.

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celestialmazer: “ Song of the Sea - d. Tomm Moore Song Of The Sea: how an animated treat was made 10 images that show why Song of the Sea is the year’s most beautiful animated film Song of the.

From a new movie coming out called 'Song of the Sea'. Looking forward to it!

PAST: The movie 'Song of the Sea', produced by Cartoon Saloon, is a great example to show that animated films can still be made today. (Song of the Sea, by Cartoon Saloon) [Film Still]

The Illusionist / LIllusionniste. Directed by Sylvain Chomet. Created by Pathé and Django Films

Flooby Nooby: Backgrounds from The Illusionist / L’Illusionniste - Directed by Sylvain Chomet - Created by Pathé and Django Films


Song of the Sea concept art: "Ferry boat" – Artwork by Art Director Adrien Merigeau – rough layouts by Tomm Moore and character designs by Tomm Moore and Marie Thorhauge.

Song of the Sea

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Song of the Sea

Jasmin Lai

I fixed this piece, it originally had no character! Putting a character in something really changes everything cityscape (fixed)