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what does your tattoo mean? it means that i wanted it so i fucking got it I get this question a lot.

Locking it down. Long road, but totally worth It in the end. Everyday is progress !!

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26 Discworld Quotes About Life, The Universe, And Everything

Lembra-te sempre que a multidão que aplaude a tua coroação é mesma multidão que aplaudirá a tua decapitação. As pessoas gostam de um bom espectáculo.

Match her effort, Respect her hustle, Support her ambition, Protect her heart, Value her loyalty, Uplift her spirit, Love her unconditionally

The couple people who have made comments about how my tattoos will look on my wedding day or when i was pregnant people who crack jokes about the tattoos on my stomach and hips... I would never tell some girl with no tattoos oh god you know your wedding dress would look SO much better if you had sleeves right??...

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