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Worried Part 7

part 3 of this fuck it, i just made it into a comic other parts: 1 2 4 5 6 7 bonus:

Ancestor Intervention | Compiled from here: http://ladyblog.co/post/149195653345/ferisae-ancestor-intervention-au-comic:

“Ancestor Intervention”AU Comic inspired/based on Thomas Astruc’s Ancient Ladybug designs. The only one I had to design myself was Egyptian Ladybug, who is mentioned, but not shown, in the “Pharaoh”.

Artist Twitter: @Samiel_fuckboy

Artist Twitter: @Samiel_fuckboy

YEEEAAAAHH SO I HEARD ABOUT THE NEW BEE MIRACULOUS AND I LOVE THE IDEA OF CHLOE GETTING IT. And because I ship the actually quite popular ship of NathxChloe, I made a little comic where Nat was cau...

In Evillistrator, Nathaniel says Marinette is just like Chloe, teasing him and leading him on. Or like the way Alya and Nino are?