ABSOLUTION La Crème Du Jour - hidratante facial orgânico anti-age feito com um poderoso blend de substâncias antioxidantes, que melhoram a elasticidade da pele:  chá verde, ácido hialurônico, Centella Asiática, Cálcio, Mica, extrato de Pepino, Borage e óleos de gergelim,Tangerina, Petitgrain Bigarade e Neroli. Vende online, BHV Paris, Mademoiselle Bio, WholeFoods Londres. Preço Médio: € 56. #cosmeticdetox #absolution_cosmetics #organicbeauty

Absolution La Creme Du Jour Day Cream, an organic skincare treatment is high in antioxidants, anti-radical and hydrating active principles.

Aubrey Organics, Pure Aloe Vera, 4 fl oz (118 ml): Beauty

aubrey-organics-pure-aloe-vera "apply aloe to acne scars, twice a day, for as long as it takes to heal. He told me he had seen complete healing of old, old scars after two years of applying aloe daily.

Nail Care, Blossoms

Minori Sake (Student Project) Designer: Michael Nguyen School: RMIT University Location: Melbourne, Australia Project type: Student Project

Minori Sake (Student Project)

Minori Sake (Student Project) by Michael Nguyen branding packaging product design

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Petit Eats Healthy Snack Foods Packaging Design PD Really quirky illustrations integrated with hand generated typography!

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Artisan Bee

Artisan Bee is a company specialising in handmade, natural honey-based products. Their honey is ethically sourced from known independent beekeepers around Ireland, who are committed to best beekeeping management practices.The naming reflects the honey b…