BI_Graphics_Heres how big the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park would be in real life

Here’s how big the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park would be in real life

Jurassic Park dinosaur logos. Source: Making of Jurassic Park book

Source: Making of Jurassic Park book. These should be turned into those things you can iron on jackets.

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Indominus rex

We call her Heidie, because she she hides, and because Indomininus Rex. ID Rex. whatever, we hate her about as much as we hate Delores Umbridge from Harry Potter.

Same reason why the original Star Wars movies were WAAAAY better than the prequel trilogy. They actually made things, props, animatronics. Stuff you could touch and look at and interact with. Actually seeing a giant T-rex staring at you is nothing like staring at a cardboard cutout or a tennis ball on a stick.

Why the original Jurassic Park didn't suck.

Dinosaurs Were More Real Back Then- because they actually took the time to create something by hand, not just cgi stuff<< The original Jurassic Park has some of my favorite special effects of all time.


Actually velociraptors were the size of chickens, these facts are for deinonychus I painted a children's umbrella with a dilophosaurus dinosaur from the movie ' Jurassic Park ' Can't wait for Jurassic World! You can get my dinosaur book at

I wanted to do this since a long time ago. I bought a children's umbrella and painted the dino with acrylics, correction fluid and markers Dilophosaurus Umbrella

The Best of Jurassic Park by Ashley Schultz

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Jurassic Park by Kevin McCoy [©2015]

Fan Art Friday #35 – JURASSIC PARK

In celebration of Jurassic World.I give you my Jurassic Park montage movie poster. Ivan Nunez killed it with the colors yet again. Lines: Colors: Lineart:.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park - Kevin M Wilson (aka Ape Meets Girl) - ''No Wonder You're Extinct'' ---- Art featured in Hero Complex Gallery's "Imagined Worlds -- tribute to Spielberg, Jackson, Nolan, Carpenter, and Cameron