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Industrial Strength Type   I noticed Sam Bevington’s impactful lettering work last year. He was working in Melbourne for a couple of years and recently returned to the UK.    He’s absolutely nailed that warm, weathered look that keeps the bold designs feeling approachable.   Inspired by 1940s and 50s graphic design – especially the type found on throwaway objects like old matchbooks or drinks cans – Sam’s signature style features catchy slogans using flat colours that are full of…

typeworship: “Industrial Strength TypeI noticed Sam Bevington’s impactful lettering work last year. He’s absolutely nailed that warm, weathered look that keeps the bold designs feeling.

Signals - 1935 (from collection of old ham radio cards) : by Julia Trigg

Signals - - 1935 A new addition to Julia's Signals series which are created from Julia's collection of old ham radio cards dating from the - This one uses a wonderful alphabet Trigg UK

"this is not new" because new is nothing, we can only, try and modification.. but i called with "The Inspiration"

Here again we take your inspirational senses on a trip down text art and typography lane, we aim for you to be inspired by each of the poster and artwork designs featured here.

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The number eleven represents becoming older. Since the ages of preteen are eleven represents a breakthrough of her thought process. She figured out that not all ages have a specific characteristics assigned to them.

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Alexander Rodchenko, couvertures pour la revue d'avant-garde soviétique "LEF (Levyi Front Iskusstv - Front gauche des Arts)", cofondée par Vladimir Maïakovski Ossip Brik, 1924-1925

Alexander Rodchenko, covers for the Soviet avant-garde magazine "LEF (Levyi Front Iskusstvo - Leftist Front of the Arts)", co-founded by Vladimir Maïakovski and Ossip Brik,

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Typography and lettering design for inspiration will be listed below. All typography and lettering designs are really fine and awe-inspiring. Typography is


Attention grammar enthusiasts: the latest exhibit Super Precious Art Gallery is the Punctuation Show, which features 17 pieces by 11 artists, all inspired by punctuation.