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Goes with dream story prompt: You are in a dream. You've been living in it for the past 500 years.

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soooooo sweet!! my man loves me without conditions!

no matter what, more than anything or anyone, & for the rest of our days= he tells me repeatedly when I doubt my worth or sometimes just because he wants to be sure I don't forget. I love him

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But what does it mean when you go to bed at night dreading the ones you're convinced you WILL make tomorrow?

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One day I guess I'll find someone like this that won't give up on me or our relationship thought I had this with you lila

One of the rare ones. [atticus]

she was a sunrise every single time i saw her i met shining sunrise never know what to say when you see a beautiful sunrise the world stops and you just stare and there are no others no world anymore only her shining with invisible light

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learn me slowly, please be patient with my pages. I am a poem in progress, a tangle of words in search of meaning.

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Right here, is the simplest thing we need to understand - we CANNOT change people. and hopefully they will want to do better for themselves.