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Popeye: Imagem do personagem feita nos anos 40 na época da Segunda Guerra.

WWII anti Japanese and Nazi propaganda poster for War Stamps featuring Popeye. Help Us Salute Our Veterans by supporting their businesses at www

According to legend, on November 13, 1805 Johann George Lehner, a German butcher from Frankfurt living in Vienna, Austria, created a beef and pork sausage called a Frankfurter.

Vintage, hot diggity dog by nouar (this was the hot dog you saw between movies at the drive in show)

Immagine correlata

[USSR WWII] "The Hour Approaches. The Day of Reckoning is Getting Closer. The German monster will never escape retribution and is doomed to be defeated.

Ladykiller by Joëlle Jones

Get Mother What she REALLY want this Christmas! A Colt . Funny and Disturbing Vintage Advertising. Only in America !

Shrek is gebaseerd op een echt persoon: de Franse worstelaar Maurice Tillet. Hij kreeg op zijn 17e de zeldzame ziekte acromegalie die gepaard gaat met een buitenproportionele groei van lichaamsdelen. 1941.

[CasaGiardino] American supermodel Dorian Leigh & Russian-born French wrestler Maurice Tillet (Shrek the character was inspired in Tillet), 1945 by © Irving Penn — with Gastón Del Porto and Elio Ortiz.

Vintage ad.  DDT - Safe for Babies. Brought to you by Black Flag. I feel sick. (made my the same company who makes GMO food today"

Black Flag Vintage Ad / pretty scary when you read this ad, sometimes I wonder how we all lived through our childhood!

Beall, C.C. poster: Bombs Away! - The Greatest Team in the World, Army Air Force

"Bombs Away" by C. Beall, used as artwork for a WWII Air Force Poster. The model is the artist's son Charles Beall, posing as a Flying Fortress pilot in full uniform seen in the middle of a daring air raid mission, behind enemy lines.

British "Your courage, your cheerfulness, your resolution, will bring us victory."

pinner says: "Most people don't know "Keep Calm and Carry On" was actually a poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of the SECOND WORLD WAR, intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of invasion.