The Art Of Animation, Nico Hohn


Picture Prompt by Nico Hohn

A árvore da vida

The most important thing is, through your own efforts, to shine a beam of light on your soul's way of life and to produce beautiful crystals in this precious lifetime. by Master Ryuho Okawa

Loika - From now until never

fireflies and starlight - artist unknown

Falling stars by on @DeviantArt

Falling stars by SandraCharlet.

by Yonathan Saura

Forest spirit, an art print by Yona Saura

The Art Of Animation

And with a single touch from my hand, the stars exploded back into my sky. Right where they belong.

Sanctuary by Linum7

Writing prompt: where am I?

The Art Of Animation : Photo

The Art Of Animation, Viktor Soroka

Labelled as anime art. I'd refer to the source, but I can't read Chinese lol -- source note: cartoon, drawing, illustration. i choose "illustration"

Un pequeño amigo, creo que se ve amistoso, ¿no?

John-Paul Balmet: Show the Way / tree creature / fantasy animal

Yoshitaka Amano (cropped for detail)

Japanese artist, character designer, illustrator and theatre and film scenic designer. Inspired by early Western comic books, art nouveau, and Japanese woodblock prints.

Rhb_RBS : Photo

Rhb_RBS : Photo


loish: newest piece!

Creative Illustrations by Tobias Kwan

senseorsensuality: “ FFVI terra by tobiee ”