Classicist Santa Barbara house designed by Bruce Gregga.

Interior Designer Bruce Grecca created a beautiful home for himself in Montecito, California. A forty year interior design veteran from Chicago, Grecca moved to Southern California to open an antique and garden shop with partner William Laman.

Pyrus ‘Kieffer’ espaliered in the rear garden; the pears need little winter chill and are blight resistant

A Sun-Drenched Garden in Upland

Black planter box with espalier fencing.

Black in the Garden is Sexy as Hell

On a backyard patio, a planter box with a trellis is an accessible setup for training an espaliered tree. Simply tie the plant's branches directly to the wood slats as they grow and spread, using jute twine or some other soft, flexible type of plant tie.

Espalier Pear House.  I want something like this over the back deck, when we have a deck.

Espalier Pear House - I like the idea here, just not the execution or the actual photo.

Clôture en rondins et autres idées en bambou, branches, palettes. DIY en français.

7 idées de clôtures originales à réaliser soi-même

Clôture en rondins et autres idées en bambou, branches, palettes. DIY en français.

I want to try this so bad!  This may be the only way we can have a fruit orchard in our backyard.  Plus it's French ;)  From

Nothing is more quintessentially French gardening than the art of espaliering fruit trees. Combining form and function, aesthetics with micromanagement--in short, fiddling with fruit trees to make them as productive and beautiful as possible.

Espalier fruit trees along wall. This would be great on my brick chimney.

Incorporate low maintenance edible plants: espaliers fruit trees along wall

Gardening Idea: Topsy-Turvy Tomatoes

simple gardening trick to grow fabulous tomatoes! simple gardening trick to grow fabulous tomatoes!

Enclosed Vegetable Garden Design

Garden fence ideas with creative installation are not difficult to find. The garden will look awesome with the special fence ideas that will be the.

Learn more about the types of climbing flowers that will work best for your arch, lattice, trellis or pergola with this gardening gallery from HGTVcom.

15 Climbing Vines for Lattice, Trellis or Pergola

Jasmine - Plant an arch, pergola, lattice or trellis with one of these 15 climbing vines.

Espalier pear tree attached to a trellis made from a livestock panel

Pear tree as informal espalier (article on pruning, shaping fruit trees, keeping them 'dwarf' size)