Lots of pantry ideas

pantry envy

Who has time to put every single thing into a glass jar? Also, I'm not seeing any cat food in this crazy pantry. The cat looks concerned…


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Kitchen pantry ideas include walk-in pantries with shelves for food storage, cookbooks, small appliances and wine refrigerators.

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A pantry is a very comfy space for storing food and tableware, and if you don’t have a big pantry, you can always choose a corner of

Open shelf pantry

Photo Jobs - Pantry with open shelving from interior stylist’s tree-change to the NSW Central Coast.

Fantasy neutral pantry. I would leave the doors wide open and watch visitors seethe with envy. I would totally freak out if someone bought red lentils by mistake.

My Everyday Life: Week 23

I wish my pantry was decked out w/ Weck Jars! Pantry Storage with Weck Jars via Shutterbean - Jars available at Pigment

Garde manger...

Now this is beautiful. Kitchen Witches have the most neatest and gorgeous kitchens, especially the pantries. I’m getting an idea to fix up my kitchen next year Plz don& remove caption, thank you.