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The Save your Do read wrap protects your hair from sweat during your workouts! Nicole Ari Parker is the spokeswoman. Hmmm.. I love outdoor workouts, so I'l be sure to try it when my hair is straight!

Save Your Do Wrap - Full Triangle Gymwrap: Don't let sweating your do keep you from working out :)

People always tell us that the key to looking beautiful or being attractive is to have the perfect makeup and hair and…

7 Tips on How to be Beautiful

Ultimate Guide to Good Posture at Work [Infographic]. Yoga's Simple Body Tools remind you that good posture is not just for posing. The benefits speak for themselves, plus you immediately look & feel better with good posture.

Morming yoga

Good Morning Yoga: minute morning sequence designed to wake up the body. Maybe good for an afternoon study break? Since I am NOT a morning person

suck it up, buttercup!

Suck It Up, Buttercup Active Tank - Black/Yellow - Gymdoll - Fitness Fashion and Motivational Workout Clothes for Women

On the Ball: 5 Exercises For a Toned Back via @fitsugar #workout #tone

Superman Ball Lifts

On the (Stability/Exercise) Ball: 5 Exercises For a Toned Back. Upper Back Lifts, Superman Booty Lift, Side Bend With Ball, Opposite Limb Extensions, Back Extensions. Healthy Back = healthy tummy.

Looking to stay fit while watching the Big Game this weekend? We're here to help.

Stay Fit During the Big Game With These Healthy Hacks

This towel workout makes working out easy! Try these 10 exercises you can do with a towel--you never knew how much you can do with just an ordinary towel. You'll feel like you got a good workout in in no time.

The Towel Workout Makes Toning Easy!

You can do these simple exercises at home, whatever your fitness levwel is. So please don't throw in the towel! 10 Awesome Toning Moves You Can Do with a TOWEL To Stretch and Tone From Head To Toe

Good pre-run warmup. Only 5 minutes.

A Tabata is a high-intensity workout protocol that has fitness and weight-loss benefits. It is also a very short workout with completing 20 seconds of a ce - Bikini Fitness

Hold this position for 20 seconds. Works your triceps like no other - promise.

Diamond Push-Up Targets: Triceps and chest percent more sculpting than standard triceps moves, like overhead extensions. -MAKE IT HARDER: Start in full push-up position, on hands and toes. -Bend elbows to lower chest toward floor. Return to start.

How to use a foam roller. A foam roller can be your best friend after exercising

How to Foam Roll Like a Pro

How to Foam Roll Like a Pro: HIGHLY recommend this for anyone running or sore after increasing activity level. These foam rollers are miracle workers and will keep you active and heading towards your goals! Beeezus it hurts like hell though lol WORTH IT!

30-Minute Pilates Exercises – Full Workout At Home – How To Get Fit

30-Minute Pilates Exercises – Full Workout At Home

Pilates 30 Minutes Exercises Full Workout This was a very good full body workout. The instructor is great, perfectly easy descriptions for pilates beginners like me. Phew, I think my muscles are in a bit of shock though!