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red-cross-damaged-people-from-the-south-small-58117.jpg (600×884)

red-cross-damaged-people-from-the-south-small-58117.jpg (600×884)

colgate-colgate-total-mighty-mouth-intergalactic-mouth-print-358790-adeevee.jpg (1708×2400)

[ Colgate Total: Intergalactic Mouth The ultimate mouth protection. Advertising Agency: Y&R RedFuse, New York, USA Global Creative Director: Gloria de la Guardia ]

Here the perspective is changed to present a different view by creating the illusion that the sponge is zoomed in on. This is a witty and interesting concept. The ad is simple and the images speak for themselves.

Creative Advertising Ideas — 013

awesome Advertising Agency: Y, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Chief Creative Officer: Shahi.

Headvertising, Architecture Museum Paris Advertising agency:...

The Print Ad titled Brick was done by Havas Worldwide Paris advertising agency for product: Architecture Museum Paris (brand: Cite De L'architecture Et Du Patrimoine) in France.


Land Rover

DISCOVERY Keep an eye on your surroundings with the 5 Camera Surround-System. Advertising Agency: Y&R, Berlin, Germany Executive Creative D

Alka Seltzer: Squid

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Mexico for Alka Seltzer, within the category: Pharmaceutical.


Recipeace is a social movement aims to join conflicting people through food in celebration of International Peace Day on September 2012 Ad Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago

Surfrider: Boot

It takes many generations for plastic to disappear. Advertising Agency: Y&R, Paris, France Creative Director: Pierrette Diaz Art Director / Copywriter / Illustrator: Eric Esculier Print Production: The Shop

Metamorphasis, Substitution, Visual Pun, Hyperbole

The Print Ad titled Omo: Splash, Wine was done by Lowe Vietnam advertising agency for product: Omo Detergent (brand: Omo) in Vietnam.

Ad for Panasonic's HD CCTV

Great print ad: Panasonic HD CCTV

Surfrider: Container

CLIO Awards by Young & Rubicam. "Le plastique met des générations à disparaître.

L’écologie, la publicité verte | http://blog.shanegraphique.com/pub-ecolo/

L’écologie, la publicité verte

Intermarche: Grotesque apple Intermarche's inglorious fruits and vegetables: a glorious fight against food waste.