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Como colher aloe vera

Como colher Aloe vera | eHow Brasil

Tips on dividing an aloe vera pup from mama plant

Beautiful echeverias

Homemade Fertilizers for Roses

How can you not love this beautifully captured rose? Photo by Victor Holguin.

Add 1 tsp. of liquid food coloring to 1 cup of water. Drizzle the colored water onto the soil surrounding the base of a plant. Wait 24 hours for the water to absorb. Apply another identical dose if the color change was not sufficient.

How to Replant an Aloe Vera Plant

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Pretty! soooo clever using the tails for water. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. ~ Di

10 delicious ice-cube tray hacks #CubeIt

Aloe Vera ice cubes. TIP – This one’s not for eating, but is great for treating sunburn! 1) Get your hands on a high Aloe Vera gel (as near to 100% as possible). 2) Squirt the gel into your ice cube tray and place in the freezer. 3) To treat your sunburn, gently rub the ice cube over the target area until soothed. ***** Want to win a Samsung Food ShowCase Fridge Freezer? Check out our #CubeIt competition and #PinToWin! *****

Re-potting an Aloe that has developped a long stem from growing above the soil. This author describes how to cut it just below the "green active part" and replant it.

Propagating "Snake Plant" or "Mother-in-law's tongue" from a leave cutting