If different foods represented types of women

If different foods represented types of women

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Chibi Doodle - Food by Hyldenia on DeviantArt

Food chibi xD i dunno if all words are correct Chibi Doodle - Food

自己拼了一张Nancy Zhang的插画造型,每个小人其实Nancy都有亲身示范的搭配,漫画更可爱,真的各种美好~

自己拼了一张Nancy Zhang的插画造型,每个小人其实Nancy都有亲身示范的搭配,漫画更可爱,真的各种美好~

Dollicious Sweet by meago

Dollicious Sweet by meago(I like Gingerbread, Pancakes, Cotton candy and Fudge!

That's cute lol #anime #memes #funny #manga

*drop kicks Hinata into the fiery sky ball known as the sun* *pushes Sasuke and Naruto together* Perfect

Some sketches of possibilities for straight hair. I didn't want to do a lot of ponytails, pigtails, buns, etc, so its mostly straight, shoulderlength, worn down. Free reference, woot! though I'd appreciate if you'd link back to me if you find this helpful u.u danke. fyuvix http://fyuvix.deviantart.com/

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