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If It's Hip, It's Here: The Paragon Of Modern Organic Architecture, Ken Kellogg's Desert Home, Is On The Market for $3 Million. (60 Photos) Like this.

The Joshua Tree Desert House. Modern architecture, they made this unique house fit into the surrounding environment.

An attic bedroom at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam, complete with swing.

The swing is great and this house has a rafter like that. I'll take a swing in my room, please. do you think jake would do this in our future room? Bc I'm

This UltraModern house in New Zealand. Have amazing view of the natural surrounding. And creative architectural solution.

Nothing contributes more to the ambiance than artistic patio design and for many people, an Asian inspired patio design is the way to go. Checkout 21 cool asian outdoor design ideas

21 Cool Asian Outdoor Design Ideas

I work with creative and design oriented companies and professionals to let them enhance their...

Beautiful Japanese architecture that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor.House N Architect: Sou Fujimoto Location: Oita, Japan Year built:

Tent House on Waiheke Island by Chris Tate Architecture - CAANdesign

minimalism | minimal home decor | white minimal house design

Habits of a Minimalist

Kleuren woonkamer #LampSlaapkamer

25+ Accent Wall Ideas You’ll Surely Wish to Try This at Home!

Kleuren woonkamer #LampSlaapkamer

Sommarhus A-frame, Burvik -

Sommarhus A-frame, Burvik - Martinsons. #148455 - Westgate-Japanese a-Frame - Ocean Views, Hot Tub, Large Deck, Privacy

Westgate-Japanese A-Frame - Ocean Views, Hot Tub, Large Deck, Privacy. An Asian theme inspired the original owners of this home in the It was refurb.