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Jabba The Lump and Bubblegum Leia - Imgur

Lumpy Space Princess as Jabba the Hut & Princess Bubblegum as Princess Leia, Adventure Time/Star Wars

It’s a good point…

It’s a good point…

Funny pictures about That's the opposite of a problem. Oh, and cool pics about That's the opposite of a problem. Also, That's the opposite of a problem.

Why I always try to look presentable when I go out into public.

These sweatpants have another name. Yeah don't you always call sweatpants, give-up-on-life pants, Jake? I do because peeps need to respect themselves when they leave the house even if it's just for ice cream or t. or whatev.

The princesses

LSP looks a little weird and I like how on cotton candy princess that she has the little stick that you hold to eat as a hair piece its very creative and But i like Marceline the best

This is a real thing in a legitimate comic I’m dead

The THOR comic panels we don’t want Taika Waititi to see (or do we?) After all, there’s still a few weeks left of filming, and that’s plenty of time for the Thor Ragnarok director to come up with a.