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Vintage Avon Bottles, Scottie Dog Decanter, Royal Pekingese Decanter, Milk Glass Perfume Bottles, Collectible Avon Dog Figurine Bottles

Vintage Avon cologne bottles, figural Scottie and Royal Pekingese dog perfume bottles, milk glass bodies with screw-on plastic heads (caps).

You have to be objective and put yourself in others shoes. No human being would want this.

I like the deer but I also like the "meditating" body. have to draw that- it's a must

Intelligence For Your Life - Want To Train Your Dog? Try The Chin Scratch and Knee Nudge

The only milk substitute!

This is perfectly true but so many people can't wrap their head around anything outside the "norm"

American farm set by Schoenhut, ca. 1910. Each of the people (8" tall) has painted gesso over paper mache heads with sculpted and painted features and hair,wooden articulated body with slitted hands and feet for posing. The animals include glass-eyed cow with horns and udder, painted eye lamb with leather ears and wooden tail, painted eye goose, painted eye pig with leather ears and tail, and a glass eyed cat (tail not original). Along with trough, wheel barrow and three legged milking…

Why is this considered "normal"? Get informed! Dairy is not good for most people!