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A natureza é mesmo uma força incansável e poderosa, até mesmo com coisas que antes taxávamos de óbvias.

16 Das mais lindas e surpreendentes fotos de animais que você verá

Mother Grizzly Bear with Four Cubs Wallpaper from Animal-Lovers. A Grizzly Bear sow can have anywhere from one to two or three cubs at a time, four cubs are rare. This mother has her work cut out for her, keeping track of 4 cubes cannot be easy.

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A mallard duck loses his balance on the ice and is sent sliding across the surface of a frozen pond in Dortmund, Germany Picture: UDO SCHLOTTMANN / CATERS NEWS (via Pictures of the day: 28 November 2012 - Telegraph)

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this grizzly mamma ADORES her baby! look at that face, just lit up at the wonder of it all!

Proud Mama - This big brownbear mama had to care for the teddybear and it looked like a peck of trouble © Copyright by Klaus Kreuzer - all rights reserved


// Mother grizzly bear and her two cubs, riding on her back, walk across a green field.


I thought that I had my hands full with three children only 2 years between all three. I raised them as a single parent because my ex husband had a different idea about life and he divorced me. Just watch this mama bear.